Reviews reviewed: Chilly Gonzales polarizes in Munich and Karlsruhe

“Perhaps the best entertainer we have” – that’s what renowned wrote one day after Chilly Gonzales’ show at Prinzregententheater, Munich. Only two days later, the über-boring newspaper of my hometown Karlsruhe, BNN (Badische Neueste Nachrichten), calls him a better “piano teacher”. Actually, this was supposed to be a review of the Karlsruhe concert, until BNN “invited” me to write down some thoughts about it. Continue reading

4 Chilly Wishes (x2)

The holiday season is upon us, which means that children all over the world are busy jotting down their wish lists. At sologonzales, we have wish lists of a slightly different kind: wishes for things that don’t even exist yet! Continue reading

Gonz and Tonic

As part of “The Music Behind” Podcast series, Tonic (@TonicMusic) creative director Susan Stone had an opportunity to interview Gonzales from the Soho Theatre in London. Continue reading

Solo Piano II Source Code

Solo Piano II Notebook

In the computing industry, source code is the key to practically every electronic item currently produced. If you have the source code to an application, you can study it, modify it, and (sometimes) release new versions. Writing great code is definitely an art form; it can be elegant, efficient, and channel the personality of the developer. It’s relatively easy to understand and replicate code once it has been written, but it’s an entirely different matter to develop a piece of brilliant code in the first place.

What does source code have to do with Chilly Gonzales? Continue reading

Tour de Gonz

The Chilly Gonzales website has a convenient list of upcoming concerts and (for the most part) you had to live close to a fairly large city to catch a Gonzales show. Apparently not so if you live in France. Continue reading

Read it in the Sunday Papers


In an unusual bit of radio coverage, Gonzales was recently (Sunday, Dec 2, 2012) discussing interesting newspaper stories as a guest on the BBC Radio 4 show “Broadcasting House“, hosted by Paddy O’Connell. Apparently, guests are invited to briefly comment on a newspaper article from the morning’s papers that they found interesting. Continue reading

Gonzales Covered in Germany’s Biggest Newspaper: “Like good sex”

Whoever makes in on the front page of Germany’s biggest and most influential newspaper,, has made it. Unless the headline is a saucy one. In that case the person covered has the fame and also the damage. Bild-Zeitung’s headlines are almost always saucy. Continue reading

Journos Gone Gonzo

Many of the video interviews you can find online have something in common: a mediocre to bad interviewer. That is certainly not due to Chilly Gonzales‘ intimidating personality, on the contrary, but because they freeze with respect for his seemingly temperamental and experiment-loving stage persona. Continue reading