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NodeXL Google Spreadsheet Viewer is a fork of Gexf-JS Viewer by @raphv
this version by Martin Hawksey (@mhawksey)
Twitter Social Network enhancements by Andrew Monti (@amonti)

NodeXL: Google Spreadsheet Viewer


Hovering over nodes (circles) will display the relationships between the selected entity and other entities. For this Twitter Social Network, the relationships share a common keyword. Clicking on the curcles will display the relationship and tweet details.


NodeGL uses the canvas element, which might cause compatibility issues with older browsers. It has been tested with the latest Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer versions. It doesn't work with Internet Explorer 8 or older.


Only part of the NodeXL graph schema has been implemented so features like node labels and shape are ignored.

NodeGL was developed by
Martin Hawksey (@mhawksey)

Enhanced for Twitter Social Network Graphs by
Andrew Monti (@amonti)

a modification of Raphaël Velt's Gexf-JS Viewer