Gonz Giveaway

We at sologonzales thought it would be a good idea to celebrate the upcoming release of Chambers with a giveaway contest, so we came up with a set of skill testing questions (sorry – in English only) and are ready to open the contest up to the world. The prize consists of a set of sealed Gonzales items from our personal library, which we’ve collected over the past few years. Seeing as this is our first contest on our modest computer hardware, there may be a few ‘bumps’ if demand is really high – we’ll do our best to make sure the systems run smoothly. You can access the contest here, or by selecting the ‘contest’ menu option on our header. Full rules and additional information can be found on the contest form.

The contest runs from now until the day Chambers is first released – midnight on March 19th. We will be selecting a winner by random draw (and correctly answering all questions) soon after the contest closes and will announce the winner here and on Twitter.

Thanks in advance to all entrants, and good luck!

Oh, and why not have a listen to Chambers now? Gonzales has made it available for streaming through iTunes:

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