So you think you know Solo Piano (and more)?

Response to the first Solo Gonzales puzzle was overwhelming – happy to hear that so many Chilly Gonzales fans up for a challenge. As promised, we have developed puzzle number two, and we think it’s even a bit trickier than the first. This puzzle mainly covers from Presidential Suite all the way to Ivory Tower, and (as always) almost all of the clues are Gonz-related in some way. Apologies to French and German Gonzales fans who are looking for puzzles in their native tongue. We tried to include a few clues in different languages, but ultimately, we may develop a puzzle in French and/or German (or Cockney). We haven’t yet posted a solution to the last puzzle as everyone seemed to be able to solve it, but if you are stuck please ask for a solution (or a hint), and we will provide one.

As per the previous puzzle, this one can be solved online or downloaded (as a PDF) and completed at your leisure. Please feel free to leave comments if you need hints, or if the puzzle was too easy or too difficult. We’ve tried to include only references that are freely available on the web, but (again) there may be a couple of really obscure references as challenges!

The online puzzle is available here.

A PDF version is available here.

Or just print out and solve the version below – happy puzzling!

Gonzales Puzzle 2: Solo Piano and More

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