The Master Remastered

Today is International Chilly Gonzales Day aka Chilly Gonzales’ birthday. We honor His Musical Geniusness by letting others serenade him. Therefore, we compiled a selection of Gonzales fans playing his songs on YouTube. Actually, once you’ve dived deep into the waters of moving Gonzales appreciation images, you are most likely to drown or you decide to just catch some pearls and resurface. So here is a collection of people going all Gonzo and proof of what an inspiration Chilly Gonzales is to many. We tried to categorize them as good as we could.

Solo Piano pieces:

We start with Manifesto (probably because it is one of my very favourite songs ever):

Played on a Fender Rhodes:

Gonzo’s songs even reached the Dominican Republic. Here is a slightly schmaltzy piano-sax-version (the same guys also covered Dot and Overnight):

Bermuda Triangle

The Tourist


Including two PianoVision copycat versions:

Jazzy freestyle cooking:


Dot (Remix)

Ivory Tower

Knight Moves

Solo Piano II

Evolving Doors

White Keys

Gonzpired Improvisations / Tributes to Chilly Gonzales

Inspired by a Tweet

Fan Art

Piano Vision in Motion

The ultimate “You Can Dance”-Dance

Other Instruments

Bass: Smothered Mate

Guitar: Othello

If we speak about Chilly Gonzales covers or people inspired by him, you shouldn’t miss this fantastic young piano man: Aurélien Faou (who even already joined Gonzales at several shows). Here are few videos with a selection of Gonzales songs in his playlist:

The Grudge

Solo Piano II Medley


Supervillain Music

Map of the World

Medley of Eminem, Gonzo, Elliot Smith

Gonzales and Aurélien actually Working Together

Last but not least, there are also some clips on YouTube, in which Chilly Gonzales himself covers several songs by others. Listen to just a few of them:


Hotel California on a harpsichord

Chilly Gonzales and Feist with a very charming version of Where Can I Go Without You

One Evening


And we end with a classic: Eye of the Tiger

Happy birthday, Gonzo!

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