For the sake of simplicity: SoloGonzales is a fansite about Chilly Gonzales. However, when we decided to create the site, we had our problems with the term “fansite”. We are both not teenagers any more and not at all fanatic in the initial sense. Yet still we are crazy enough, to dedicate a whole website and therefore lots of our (rare) free time to an artist – sorry: Entertainer. While Andrew has been enthusiastic from the Son-start, Katharina got under his spell thanks to Soft Power (yes, the album he loves to call a “fail”) and during her presence at the more than 27 hours lasting World Record performance. And with this background it seems we are representative for Gonzales‘ followers who opens up to every change in style and remains loyal over years, if not decades. Not to mention that we embody his old and new homelands, Canada and Germany, which allows us to keep this site bilingually. Perhaps we also stand for the fact that Chilly Gonzales is almost a concept. It is namely not only his music that infuses the intellect, but also his lifestyle, ambition, his clear opinion on many topics. And only through exchange about his works the momentousness becomes evident. It is exchange that we would like to encourage. We are a site for those, who are equally inspired, who are equally imbued with his music and who are equally convinced that even our grandchildren will still listen to Chilly Gonzales.

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And now: enjoy!

Andrew and Katharina