Gonzales for the Win

It appears that our Sologonzales contest to celebrate the Release of Chambers was a success – thanks so much to all who visited the site and entered the contest. The questions must have been pretty tricky – of all the entries, there were only 4 with all 10 answers correct. A quick random number generator later, and we have a winner: Joanne (@joannewklam) from Vancouver, British Columbia. Joanne was happy to have won the contest, and had the following to say about winning the prize: Continue reading

Gonz Giveaway

We at sologonzales thought it would be a good idea to celebrate the upcoming release of Chambers with a giveaway contest, so we came up with a set of skill testing questions (sorry – in English only) and are ready to open the contest up to the world. The prize consists of a set of sealed Gonzales items from our personal library, which we’ve collected over the past few years. Continue reading

Musical Analysis Smackdown

…everywhere that I go, music nerds – Supervillain Music

Gonzales, in conjunction with WDR Einslive (1Live), has released two videos that musically dissect Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”, and Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Coming Home”. The videos have been very popular, garnering over 50,000 views in a short timeframe. It appears that there’s a pent-up demand for additional depth in music reviews, which is something that Gonzales has been doing for years. Actively sharing musical and entertainment insights in ways that are accessible to everyone is part of the reason why Gonzales has such a loyal following. Continue reading

So you think you know Solo Piano (and more)?

Response to the first Solo Gonzales puzzle was overwhelming – happy to hear that so many Chilly Gonzales fans up for a challenge. As promised, we have developed puzzle number two, and we think it’s even a bit trickier than the first. This puzzle mainly covers from Presidential Suite all the way to Ivory Tower, and (as always) almost all of the clues are Gonz-related in some way. Continue reading

So you think you know early Gonzo?

Fans of Chilly Gonzales have impeccable taste (obviously), and always seem up for a challenge, so we at SoloGonzales decided to create a series of Gonz-themed crossword puzzles that combine Gonzales history, songs, musical knowledge, and just about anything else related to Gonzales. Continue reading