So you think you know early Gonzo?

Fans of Chilly Gonzales have impeccable taste (obviously), and always seem up for a challenge, so we at SoloGonzales decided to create a series of Gonz-themed crossword puzzles that combine Gonzales history, songs, musical knowledge, and just about anything else related to Gonzales. Continue reading

Gonzales Über Alles: Music, Humour, Personality

Gonzales has created a mish-mash of beats, samples, pop melodies and harsh tokes that sticks in your head, sticks to the wall, leaves a mess on the floor, makes long distance phone calls and never does the dishes. You need fun friends like this.
- James Keast – (2000)

Über Alles signals the imminent rise to world domination of a major talent. Twisted pop genius.
- Dave Stelfox – (2000)
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