The “Downloadable” Gonzales

Chilly Gonzales has made practically every song from Solo Piano Notebooks 1 & 2 available online. That’s a total of 33 songs to download, print and start playing within minutes! There are a few options for downloading and using the sheet music; here a short guide. Continue reading

Dressing gowns: The ‘Sweat Pants’ of Fine Gentlemen

BathrobeWhenever a leading actor wears a dressing gown in a movie, one thing is certain: In real life, the following scene would certainly take place without an audience. Chilly Gonzales’ trademark is a dressing gown; he even wears it when sharing the stage with a huge and honorable orchestra. And although it is a costume, much like in a movie, it makes him appear undisguised and approachable. Continue reading

Twitter Activity – Winter Solstice

The first day of winter sees Chilly Gonzales tweeting about ‘odd’ piano tunings and Russian fruit juice melody thievery!

Chewing on the Stereogum Interview

StereogumT. Cole Rachel’s interview with Gonzales is a captivating read. Admitting that Solo Piano II was his “most played” record of 2012, Cole goes on to elicit detailed comments from Gonzales. It appears that Cole is more than happy to prod from time-to-time, letting Gonzales’ train of thought run its natural course. Continue reading

“Gonzified” Piano Lesson Videos

About a year ago, Gonzales was in London to record a series of “Piano Lessons for Lapsed Students”. At that time, he asked the Twitterverse what topics they would like covered in piano lessons and received a number of responses (most were covered). Later, during a rapid-fire Twitter interview session, he indicated that the lessons would be available in summer: Continue reading

Solo Piano II: Simultaneous #1

It’s a veritable Gonz-festival at the Canadian iTunes store! Here are the current (Dec 18, 2012) Gonzales chart positions:

Solo Piano II: #1 album
Solo Piano: #11 album
Othello: #3 song

Solo Piano II: #1 album Continue reading

Gonzales on “Le Mouv”

On Dec 14, 2012, Chilly Gonzales paid a visit to the French radio station Le Mouv to give an in-depth interview and piano lesson to Christophe Crénel; host of the “Rodéo sur le Mouv” show. Over the course of the one-hour interview Christophe and Gonzales cover a very wide range of topics, and play a few songs: Continue reading

Chilly Gonzales: Global Canadian Ambassador

Recently, a considerable amount of interest was generated when it was revealed that musician, and sometimes piano-battler Andrew W.K. was being ‘groomed’ as U.S. Ambassador to Bahrain. Continue reading

Intro to SoloGonzales Twitter Graphs

One of the unique features of SoloGonzales is the interactive Twitter graphs. They aren’t displayed on the front page due to space limitations, but can conveniently be found under the “Tweets->Twitter Social Network” menu item. If you haven’t used the Twitter graph feature before, here’s an overview. Continue reading

Twitter Activity – Dec 11, 2012

It appears that the Twitterverse loves Gonzales’ Xmas present; his “Minor Xmas Melody”!

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