“Gonzified” Piano Lesson Videos

About a year ago, Gonzales was in London to record a series of “Piano Lessons for Lapsed Students”. At that time, he asked the Twitterverse what topics they would like covered in piano lessons and received a number of responses (most were covered). Later, during a rapid-fire Twitter interview session, he indicated that the lessons would be available in summer:

Summer (and almost winter) came and went without a sign of the piano lessons, but a recent tweet by Gonzales indicates that the release of the piano lesson series may be just around the corner!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Gonzales has created a series such as this. If you follow him on Twitter or have attended his concerts, you’ll quickly realize that Gonzales like to share his knowledge and talent through education and interactive ‘piano lessons’. Seeing as the videos are premiering in an Apple store in Japan, it’s likely that the videos will be available via iTunes or possibly as part of the GarageBand lesson series.

Some time ago, another famous Canadian pianist gave a piano lesson of sorts. Oscar Peterson appeared on the Dick Cavett show in 1979, and answered musical questions that were submitted by the audience. He even sings a bit! The video is a great watch while you are waiting for the Gonzales lessons to be released.

In the meantime, clean off that piano and start limbering up your fingers. Delving into the piano again will invigorate your mind and pay off in many ways!

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