Gonzales Re-Introduces the Piano

A true teacher is one who, keeping the past alive, is also able to understand the present.

Gonzales has released a book of etudes specifically geared towards a very large target audience; lapsed piano students. Remember way back, when your parents forced you to sit down in front of the piano and practice while all the other kids were outside riding their bikes? The piano seemed torturous, and you caused your parents so much grief that they eventually let you quit piano. Now you have regrets and wish there was some way to re-introduce yourself to the piano so you can finally feel that sense of musical accomplishment (and possibly inspire your own family). Continue reading

Solo Piano II Source Code

Solo Piano II Notebook

In the computing industry, source code is the key to practically every electronic item currently produced. If you have the source code to an application, you can study it, modify it, and (sometimes) release new versions. Writing great code is definitely an art form; it can be elegant, efficient, and channel the personality of the developer. It’s relatively easy to understand and replicate code once it has been written, but it’s an entirely different matter to develop a piece of brilliant code in the first place.

What does source code have to do with Chilly Gonzales? Continue reading