The World Is a Record And Chilly Gonzales Holds It

Guinness World RecordThis month we celebrate Chilly Gonzales’ World Record breaking performance 4 years ago, when he beat his inner self, played the piano for 27 hours, 3 minutes and 44 seconds and entered the Guinness Book of World Records. In honour of this occasion, we give you an insight into our archives and show you a collection of photos that I took during the event. They may not be examples of great photographic art, but they visualise the special atmosphere and eternalise a concert that wasn’t only legendary because of its length, but because of the inspiration and tacit message it spread.

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Waiting for Gonzo

The Canadian Label “Arts & Crafts” is celebrating their 10-year anniversary by releasing a number of special compilations, the latest of which is about to drop on May 28. Titled “X”, the album features collaborations by Arts & Crafts recording artists – including Chilly Gonzales and Stars, who team up with a killer track called “Nothing Good Comes to Those Who Wait”.

Gonzales’ piano really underscores the song, and Amy Millan’s tonality really pairs well with the overall musical atmosphere. Continue reading

The Defect

Toddla T is a 2-hour weekly BBC radio show where the host (Toddla T) generally interviews rappers and hip-hop artists. So what’s a Solo Piano virtuoso doing on the show? As we all know, Gonzales’ harmonies affect all who listen, and Toddla T is a huge fan – especially after attending one of Gonzales’ two sold-out shows at Cadogan Hall in London.

Part of the Toddla T show includes the guests selecting a few of their favourite tracks; in keeping with the show’s overall hip hop sound (i.e. no Berlioz). Gonzales interesting song selections, along with even more interesting explanations as to what in particular interests him within the tracks. Continue reading

Serenades to Salieri: Gonzales’ Smackdown

Today marks 188 years since the death of Antonio Salieri, which provides an apropos opportunity to reflect on Salieri’s life and death through (of course) the music of Chilly Gonzales.

Antonio Salieri has certainly been cemented in the minds of the current generation as Mozart’s admiring antagonist, but in reality, Salieri was a highly respected composer and teacher who made great strides in Italian Opera, and influenced his students; Schubert, Beethoven, Liszt among them. Continue reading

Two Sold-Out Shows: London Celebrates The Pianobull and His Best Pieces

Chilly Gonzales is on everyone’s and especially the cyberpeople’s lips at the moment – thanks to two guys in robot costumes. So it didn’t come as a surprise that prior to his two London concerts last week, Cadogan Hall was filled with whisperings, if he would at least partly play his song from the forthcoming Daft Punk album. He did. And everyone with a Beethoven-esque brain could actually even hear it – with their mind’s ear. Since he only let his fingers silently touch the keys, which was visible for everyone via the giant screens under the rededicated church’s ceiling and stretching from one side of the stage to the other. Continue reading

Chilly Gonzales: Collaborators + Transcript

Unless you’ve been living in a proverbial cave, you’re probably heard that Daft Punk has soon-to-be-released album (Random Access Memories), and Chilly Gonzales is one of the collaborators! @Daftworld let it slip last December:

His Collaborators video is educational (a Gonzales trademark) and enlightening. Continue reading

Twitter Activity – Apr 30, 2013

The Chilly Gonzales “Collaborators” video was released today to much Tweeting and Re-Tweeting. The graph is but a sample of the day’s activity, which was too large to comfortably fit in a single graph. That news, combined with the first of two sold-out shows in London led to one the most active Gonz-related Tweeting days we’ve seen!

Explore the Twitter graph below!