Solo Piano II: Simultaneous #1

It’s a veritable Gonz-festival at the Canadian iTunes store! Here are the current (Dec 18, 2012) Gonzales chart positions:

Solo Piano II: #1 album
Solo Piano: #11 album
Othello: #3 song

Solo Piano II: #1 album

iTunes Classical

Gonzales had a bit of a boost from CBC Host Jian Ghomeshi, who placed Solo Piano II at #15 on his best albums of 2012:

So, let’s see the tally for Solo Piano II #1s:

1. Best selling album of the year at Rough Trade Stores
2. USA + Canada iTunes #1 Classical
3. Canada iTunes #1 Jazz Chart (concurrent with Classical #1)
4. France iTunes #1 Main Chart

50,000 albums sold to-date

(With stats from from BangOnPr)

If you don’t have Solo Piano II or Solo Piano already, now you know what to buy with all those iTunes gift cards you’ll find in your stocking!

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