Rap’s Unspeakable Libretto

A rap rhyme review of “The Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales”

What if your inner voice just started speaking out?
And everyone could hear what you really are about
Would you have the guts to lay it down on wax?
Or would you shrivel up like an ice-cold sack?

Well, Gonzo has the guts to let all hang out
Catharsis and neurosis, in a rap with beats without
Brother Chris scores the chorus like a mad tempest
Only his teapot borders on existentialist

Just strong tracks here; the weak cannot survive
In an industry that eats its young alive
Is it a mashup or another Trick of the Tale?
That dares everyone to label it a FAIL
(I didn’t mean to quote Genesis just then
Forgive me Gonzales – my own brain dumped again)

That’s far from truth – in fact it would be a sin
Cause spinning this gold takes a Rumpelstiltskin
An artists’ artist – that’s what I heard is true
I say that’s bullshit – artists can’t buy a clue

They can’t start a fire with just piano keys
(Except Billy or Elton, but someone take them – please!)
Oh, I forgot about that guy – Oscar Levant
But he went hypochondriac – some kind of savant

Although the tracks here indicate a warped mind
It’s ok – what we expect – there’s no better kind
Chilly’s makin’ out just like Charles Darwin
Cause evolving rap must be his true callin’

And sometimes I hear the classic old school rap
86 and Skeezer Pleezer; Chilly just took it back
Then the orchestra just extricates your heart
And sees it beating before you figure it out

Just who am I anyway? I cannot make you see
Just buy the bits – transfer the track – FLAC or MP3
So you can tell your grandkids when you’re old and grey
That you heard Gonzo rap on that very first day

And you recall when rap would never be the same
His mom calls him Jason – but Chilly is his name

And he thinks the unthinkable, drinks the undrinkable
Breaks the unbreakable, and speaks the unspeakable

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