Site Guidelines Guidelines (hereafter known as the “Site”) is intended to be a community where individuals interested in Chilly Gonzales and associated acts can gain additional insight and appreciation for the music and methods of this modern-day musical genius.

Site Objectives
Promote and foster interest and discussion of Gonzales and related acts.
Provide independent third-party views of the following:

  • Gonzales music, movies, videos, albums, etc.
  • Feeds and views of Gonzales-related news and events.
  • Gonzales-related historical information.

Provide links to official Chilly Gonzales websites, accounts, music and merchandise without compensation of any kind

Where possible, avoid duplication of content on Chilly Gonzales official channels (i.e. no automated re-tweets, RSS feeds, historical data, etc.)

Site Differentiators
Focus on discussion, commentary and blog postings
Consolidated third-party links that may not be feasible in official channels
Expanded sections for associated acts
Additional historical and educational data and links

Site Disclaimer
“This site is not associated in any way with Chilly Gonzales, Gentle Threat, associated acts, and does not represent the views of Chilly Gonzales, Gentle Threat, or associated acts and corporations.”

Items to Avoid
Other than original content, all items must have verifiable sources.
Generally abusive posts will be reviewed and can be flagged for takedown.

The site will remain completely non-commercial. No paid ads will be available, and any links to products or websites will be related to Chilly Gonzales and associated acts.

Users will have to enter their email address to post. Continued abuse by users will result in a warning, then account suspension. IP address blocking will also be employed to prevent repeated abuse from multiple id creation.

Posting Rules
While one of the goals of the site is to foster open communication, we realize that some comments can be construed as abuse. Any content (comments, posts, images, video, audio, links to sites) identified as abuse by the site administrators or other users will be reviewed and taken down as soon as possible.
Additional rules:
Any content identified as spam (by users or bots) will also be taken down.
Any content not associated with Chilly Gonzales will also be taken down at the discretion of moderators.
Content owners will be notified when postings have been removed.

Content Ownership
Unless previously agreed upon, any original content submitted to the site automatically becomes property of the site with the following restrictions:
The content will not be sold or used in commercial advertising without prior consent
The content will not be copied in its entirety for use in other sites

Fair Use
As the site is non-commercial, non-profit, and somewhat educational, fair-use laws apply. Fair use does not apply to the copyrighted use of full-resolution commercial images, complete songs, complete videos, complete articles, etc. For these items, prior consent must be sought and granted. Prior consent is not required for snippets, quotes, song fragments, video clips, low-resolution images, etc. In all cases, attribution will be provided to the original copyright owner.

If consent is initially granted, but original content owners request that their work be removed from the site at a later date, the site will comply, unless the item clearly falls within fair use laws (e.g. short quote, low-res image, etc.). If the site as a whole is found to be detrimental to Chilly Gonzales, Gentle Threat, or associated acts, it will be taken down.