Working Holidays

Once passion met profession, the way you earn money doesn’t feel like work in a classical sense anymore and the term “holidays” becomes superfluous. So it is only logical that Chilly Gonzales, between two tours*, doesn’t relax on a Southeast Asian beach getting a well-deserved massage or manicure of his precious hands, but seems to plot new collaborations and masterpieces. So there has been quite some news during the past week. What has made the internet community turn crazy – and above all the Daft Punk disciples – is the fact that Chilly Gonzales’ piano contribution to the electrorobot-duo’s forthcoming album has been confirmed. It’s not real news for Chilly Gonzales fans, but you can read all the details here or increase your cravings by some sweet amuches-bouches at the end of this post.

Apart from this popular news it seems, rapper Tech N9ne (known to Gonzales fans as “Pubic Beard”) has finally learned the polite way of getting what you want: ask. While back in 2009, he just unauthorisedly took Gonzales’ Gogol, raped it with some rap and got a letter from his lawyer along with a funny Twitter feud as a reply, he recently sent a tweet to him that reads like an invitation to collaborate. We’ll stay tuned and keep you posted on what this may result in.

Thanks to Twitter we also know about a currently ongoing project between Chilly Gonzales and Torquil Campbell, member of the Canadian band stars and actor. So he definitely seems to be busy before heading to Geneva next week, on to Japan and then starts his own Tour de France. Before we forget it: There will also be an additional concert at London’s Cadogan Hall on April 30th as well as another date on the “special concerts to attend”-list: Chilly Gonzales will play with (or battle) the Vijay Iyer Trio in Stuttgart.

To make this post complete, an official Chilly Gonzales tumblr has also been launched this week (it seems someone loves animated gifs within team Gonzo – so be prepared the site might take a while to load).

As promised, here’s some Daft Punk related eye and ear candy:

Daft Punk’s Rollin & Scratchin reworked by Chilly Gonzales and edited by his personal video-guru Jonathan Barré meets Rocky (part of the mixtape “Pianist Envy” downloadable here.

And this old gem showing Gonzales in quite tight pink pants and a magical robe with Feist as an additional high-light:

A beautiful piano version of “Something About us”:

And this old gem, with one of the Daft Punkers himself:

* on a completely unrelated note, but because we assume you all love web series, we’d like to draw your attention to “Between Two Ferns” starring Zach Galifianakis.

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