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Recent tweets between Gonzales and a follower brought an injustice to our attention:

Gonzales has previously challenged Jools Holland (former Squeeze keyboardist, current boogie-woogie host of “Later…”) to numerous piano battles, all without reply. Twitter users have even weighed in:

Given Jools’ reluctance to battle, a petition campaign seems like the best way to ply the hand of the BBC. Given the great idea and incentive from Rachel and Gonzales, we have created a Facebook campaign to bring Chilly Gonzales onto “Later…with Jools Holland”. From the Facebook page:

If you agree that Chilly Gonzales would be an incredibly entertaining guest on “Later…with Jools Holland”, “LIKE” and share this page! @bbclater #laterjools

As a dynamic, entertaining, piano virtuoso, Chilly Gonzales is a natural and obvious choice as guest on, “Later…with Jools Holland”, but so far, he hasn’t been invited to appear. This Facebook petition plans on righting that wrong and placing Chilly Gonzales smack dab on the centre stage of “Later…”!

Jools’ website maintains that, “[guests] are decided upon by Jools Holland and the BBC Later…with Jools Holland and Radio 2 teams.” It’s likely that Jools and the BBC teams just need a gentle nudge in the Gonz direction. Feist, Jarvis Cocker, and other entertainers Chilly Gonzales has worked with have appeared on the show; this is Gonzales’ year!

We’ve placed the ‘Like’ button for this campaign on our home page. Visit the Facebook page to Like and leave comments, or click on the Like button below. Maybe even visit the official “Later…” page and leave comments there. With enough votes, we can make Gonz’ appearance on “Later…” a reality!

Like this page to have Chilly Gonzales appear on ‘Later…with Jools Holland’:

The petition and results will [eventually] be sent to the producers of “Later…”:

Mark Cooper & Alison Howe
Later With Jools Holland
PO Box 1922
G2 3WT

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