So you think you know early Gonzo?

Fans of Chilly Gonzales have impeccable taste (obviously), and always seem up for a challenge, so we at SoloGonzales decided to create a series of Gonz-themed crossword puzzles that combine Gonzales history, songs, musical knowledge, and just about anything else related to Gonzales. The puzzles can be solved online or downloaded (as a PDF) and completed at your leisure. Since this is our first shot at a puzzle, we decided to stick with early Gonzales themes – up until 2002 or so. Other puzzles in the series will cover 2003-2010, and finally current and future themes. Please feel free to leave comments if you need hints, or if the puzzle was too easy or too difficult. We’ve tried to include only references that are freely available on the web, but there may be a couple of really obscure references as challenges!

The online puzzle is available here.

A PDF version is available here.

Or just print out and solve the version below – happy puzzling!

Gonzales Puzzle 1: The Early Years

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