Numero Uno!

Good news: Japanese, German, and Canadian Gonzales fans can pick up Chambers right now as an iTunes Exclusive early release, plus Chambers is currently number one on the classical charts in Canada and Germany! We purchased Chambers on iTunes and are busy noting every aspect for a thorough review. For now, here’s the scoop on the iTunes download.

Exclusive iTunes Track

Armellodie featuring Kaiser Quartett is a fantastic bonus iTunes addition. It’s hard to imagine how many time Gonzales has played Armellodie in the 10 years since Solo Piano was released, but the addition of expertly executed strings care of the Kaiser Quartett adds another dimension to this already sublime song. Gonzales also adds in a few twists and turns not found on the original version for a novel listening experience.

Digital Booklet

We originally noticed the handwritten write-ups included with Chambers pre-release tracks, and contained within the iTunes booklet is a complete set – one for every song, save Armellodie. The write-ups provide far-reaching linkages to Gonzales’ compositions – everything from Andy Kaufman to Marcel Duchamp and tennis to alter egos. We’ll also post a write-up on the write-ups along with our Chambers review.

Mastered for iTunes

We were very happy to see the “Mastered for iTunes” logo beside Chambers. This means that the iTunes files were developed from downsampled high-quality masters with minimal compression and a large dynamic range. The end result is a high-quality digital download that is virtually indistinguishable from the CD.

Myth Me

The last ‘official’ song on Chambers is Myth Me and although we’re saving a full review for a later article, it’s worthwhile pointing out that Gonzales does sing on this track, and more than a few Gonzales fans wonder exactly what he’s implying through his lyrics. At the end of The Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales, he rapped over Shut up and Play the Piano, and he did just that in the form of Solo Piano II. If his last tracks are prophetic, one can only wonder what Gonzales has planned next based on Myth Me. We’d certainly love to hear your theories.

Virtual Spaces

Chambers is deep and timeless, but still very accessible. Try the following: download Chambers to your iPod, then put your earbuds on and let your mind wander as you look at the world around you. We’re certain that you will form your own intimate and personal ‘write-ups’ with every listen. Chambers are our own personal spaces where we can work, dream, entertain, and laugh. Gonzales shares his own personal ‘living room’ with us, where we can listen intently to a great conversation he’s having with his friends.

PS: Note that today is the last day to enter our online contest!

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