Solo Piano III: Most Likely

Back in April 2013, we covered an interview Gonzales had with « Sud Ouest » (a regional French magazine). Within the interview, he indicated that the « inherently imperfect » sound of the piano sounds even more perfect to our ears, and added that there will, « no doubt be a Solo Piano III or a Solo Piano IV album.” Four years later, we’re happy to say that all signs are pointing to Gonzales actively working on Solo Piano III. The first hint we saw was a Twitter response Gonzales sent to someone who had a question:

Lire la suite

Album Announcement: Chambers

Big news today: Gonzales announces a new album called « CHAMBERS », set for release sometime in 2015!

If you are on Gonzales’ official email distribution list (and why wouldn’t you be?), you may have noticed a snippet of text that went along with the streaming cancellation notice:

« …we have a great surprise in store for you in January »

Then, on January 6th Gonzales responded to a comment on Twitter with the following: Lire la suite

Gonz and Drake: Speculate

It’s fascinating that Gonzales was unknowingly part of Drake’s musical universe prior to Drake becoming a critically-acclaimed rap entertainer. With the inclusion of one Solo Piano song on a mixtape, Drake set a chain in motion that resulted in a wonderful collaboration between the two entertainers. If Drake’s recent tweet is any indication, that collaboration is set to continue: he’s amassed a talented crew to produce and record his fourth album (titled: « Views From the 6″), and Chilly Gonzales is included in the list: Lire la suite

Working Together – Again

Ivory Tower was a great melding of Gonzales’ lush piano and Boys Noize’s driving rhythms, but rather than being a one-off project, it seems to have been just the beginning of a longer-term collaboration. Lire la suite