Q Interview (Sept 2012)

When Jian Ghomeshi interviewed Chilly Gonzales for CBC’s Q back in September, the banter covered a wide range of subjects; from recording Solo Piano II to objectivity tests, to reconciling Gonzales’ solo versus producing sides. Lire la suite

The O.P. (Original Prankster)

Ever the prankster, Chilly Gonzales has a habit of embedding multiple hidden meanings in interviews, songs, and even iPod playlists! Being in the music business for many years, Gonzales has probably been interviewed thousands of times and asked every question imaginable. So why not have some fun with interview requests? Lire la suite

Wagner’s Grudge

A series of Tweets by Chilly Gonzales (while touring in Germany), made reference to Wagner. The first referenced Munich’s status as the first city outside of Bayreuth to play Wagner’s Parsifal: Lire la suite

Toronto Concert Review – Nov 8th, 2012

Solo Piano II Tour in PianoVision
Toronto – Nov 8th, 2012 8:00PM
Winter Garden

Good concerts are fun to attend, and provide a few hours of entertainment along with some happy memories. Great concerts, on the other hand, can change you as a person. Lire la suite

Recording Solo Piano II

Gonzales recently responded to a tweet about the mic setup used to record Solo Piano II: Lire la suite

Nardwuar Interviews Chilly Gonzales


A mainstay in Canadian entertainment scene since 1987, Nardwuar (legal name “Nardwuar the Human Serviette”) is an energetic, bright, savvy, intense, and likable interviewer and musician. For a Canadian artist, being interviewed by Nardwuar is akin to having your song covered by Weird Al; quite an honour! Lire la suite

Gonzales’ Liverpool Poster

Event poster art is a unique subgenre of the overall art scene, and somewhat reflects elements of the time in which they were created. Gary McGarvey (aka Horse), is able to capture the essence of the artists he creates posters for, and is one of the most sought-after music artists in the UK and Ireland. Lire la suite

Twitter Activity – Nov 9

Great pre- and post-Toronto concert Twitter hubbub! Gonzales’ appearance on @metromorning was popular; you can use the search box below to find your tweet.

Q & MelodicA

Some Magazine describes itself as, « a new magazine somewhere between design and art. » They recently had the pleasure of interviewing Chilly Gonzales in a unique manner; with responses solely in musical form from a Melodica! Lire la suite

Emotional Fantasies and Escapism

« Fantasy » (or « phantasy ») comprises a large part of any entertainment genre; movies, music, theatre, etc. Escaping the confines of reality for a couple of hours is worth a great deal of money to many industries. Fantasy isn’t just the domain of the entertainment industry; Lire la suite